– Touch Up Paint Resources is devoted to helping you repair your car’s paint with automotive touch up paint. Using touch up paint on your car may seem daunting and you may be worried about messing it up, but car paint repair with touch up paint is easier than you think.

After reading some touch up paint instructions, and watching how to videos, you will be ready to do it yourself and get great paint repair results. Imagine those paint scratches and chips are gone from your car, and you are ready to quickly fix any new ones that show up. You proudly drive around looking sharp in your sweet looking ride.

Car Paint in Great Shape After Touch Up Paint

Auto Body Shop vs. Touch Up Paint

You have a paint chip, scratch, ding or other paint damage on your car, and you want to fix it before it starts to rust, and because it’s your car and it should look good! But what should you do to repair your auto paint?

Auto Body Shop 

If you have deep pockets and prefer not to do things yourself, then we recommend taking your car in for auto body shop paint repair. Depending on the shop, they will probably do a professional repair job and your car will come out looking good again. However, you will also be several hundred dollars poorer (not that it matters for you deep pocketed types!).

Touch Up Paint

If you like saving money, and are willing to learn just a few simple touch up paint techniques, you can get excellent paint repair results on your own for well under $50! Do it your self car paint repair is really as simple as cleaning the damaged paint area, applying some primer, touching up with a touch up paint pen, brush, or spray can, applying clearcoat, then polishing it. Your car’s paint job really can shine like new again! And you’ll have several hundred dollars extra in your pocket (sorry auto body shop!).

Clear Winner = Touch Up Paint

Once you are ready to repair your car’s paint with touch up paint, you want to make sure you order high quality automotive paint along with a couple other products like primer, clearcoat, and rubbing compound. There are many places online to get touch up paint products, but not all are created equal. To get the best results with touch up paint, you need to use the highest quality touch up paint you can get.

The Best Touch Up Paint

Matching your car’s paint is an art and a science, and takes true precision and experience. Some touch up paint stores may lure you with low prices, but they typically rush the paint mixing process and you end up getting poorly matching paint. It is definitely worth spending a couple extra dollars (and we’re really only talking a couple), to get the best touch up paint available from

Touch Up Paint Help

You really can touch up your paint and get great results. We’re here to help and the following links will help you with your car paint repair:

How to Apply Touch Up Paint Video

The following video about how to use touch up paint on your car is a nice quick overview of the auto paint repair process. You will learn how to prepare your car’s paint for touch up paint. Then you will learn how to best use primer before applying the automotive paint. After seeing the touch up paint process (with a paint pen in this video), you will learn how to apply clearcoat and rubbing compound in order to get smooth and shiny paint.